Friday, June 19, 2015

New Journey ....not one anyone wants

We have started the process to have monkey (our 4yo) tested with the school system. Yesterday, I took her to her pediatrician to talk to him. She hasn’t been sick in a long while so it was time to just talk to him about her slow learning and quirky behaviors. He was going to have her hearing tested even though she seemed fine, but the machine was broken. He said we will do that at another time. We were referred to a pediatrician neurologist for early July. Our pediatrician believes she needs some type of behavior therapy. We all see sensory issue problems, but he believes there may be some autism traits. I filled out new milestone forms and her old ones were pulled and scored. Whatever is going on, he believes it is not “bad” or severe, but needs to be figured out. After the neurologist, we will be sent to a Developmental Clinic to test her for many different things. Besides the behaviors, she does not learn as fast as other kids.