Saturday, July 25, 2015

Locator bracelet

So on Zulily today, they were selling My Buddy Tags. My Buddy Tags' website is here. I ended up ordering one since the price ($24.99) was lower than normal ($39.99). Basically this bracelet uses our smartphones Bluetooth to help locate your child if he or she wanders off. It also has an alarm if your child is in the water. Most GPS locating bracelets need a monitoring fee plus the outrageous price of the bracelet, but with My Buddy Tags, you only buy the bracelet and then download the free app to monitor your child. 

This would be neat when on vacation, at the zoo, playground or a big birthday party. We have been fortunate to not have lost our young child, but I like the idea of having this on her wrist as an added precaution. 

I look forward to updating later once I receive the bracelet.  Does anyone own one?