Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Speech therapist evaluation

Today, we are seeing a speech therapist for an evaluation.  We saw the pediatric neurologist, and he wanted her to be evaluated by a speech therapist. After she had a social and physical evaluation, he ordered a bunch of testing, which will begin in October due to the only clinic being able to sedate a small child is booked up until then. He does suspect autism spectrum, but she still needs more testing before we are sharing that with everyone. (not many of my friends read my blog so I am still putting it on here to maybe connect with others that have been through this). For my friends that read this blog, please just keep this to yourself now as we go through this journey and find out more as we are trying not to worry our family right now. She is still the same child and we know that she will be excepted by them, but we do not want them worrying until we have all the information and testing done. We know something is going on as we are with her all the time. We still have a long ways until a diagnosis. There still could be other things going on besides autism or with autism especially since she is verbal and pretty social. She shows autistic traits, but not in the "classical" or "what most people know about autism...nonverbal or in their own world". There are many different degrees and not any one child is the same. We will do whatever we need to for her. Sadly, so far insurance has been a joke. They will not pay for any kind of therapy. 

We will meet with the school system next week for an evaluation. So we are hoping for some kind of help there. If they will take over speech therapy (If they believe it is needed), then we will not have to pay for it. That will help us out a lot and leave money for other therapies. We are also hoping to get her in the atypical preschool program (again school system has to approve it). She would attend half a day (she could not handle more than that so it is perfect for her). 

Anyhow, this is where we are right now. More questions answers soon at least with the school.