Thursday, April 16, 2015

Why would a stay at home mom want an Apple Watch?

So why would a stay at home mom want an Apple Watch? Here are MY reasons:

  1. I do not always have pockets to carry my iphone around the house (our cell phone is our landline). I am bad about moving my iphone room to room and forgetting where I placed it. The apple watch will ping my iphone if I misplace it even if it is on silent so I can find it. Also, no more running around the house wondering where the iphone is when I hear it ring (I am hard of hearing so I cannot always figure out which direction sound is coming from). By the time, I find the phone, I have already missed the call. Since you can ping your iphone, I do wonder, can you ping your watch from your iphone? I think this would be really great when you are out with your child, maybe a very crowded fair or circus. Why? You could put the watch on your child as added security. If your child is out of your sight, ping your watch. I do wonder how loud the ping is, and if the watch does have this feature, maybe it will be more like the find your iphone feature but that one has GPS. So that may only be in the second generation of this watch. 
  2. Grocery shopping: I can keep my shopping list on the watch instead of my iphone. I hate to keep pulling my iphone out of my purse when I am in the store. Apple Pay is very useful too. I use Apple Pay on my phone but NOT taking it out of my purse would be great especially when keeping up with my kids. Some apps, such as Target’s, will let me know when I am getting close to an item on my list when using the Target app.
  3. Keeping time of course. How many times have I taken my iphone out of my purse or pocket to only tell the time?? More times, haha, than I can count.
  4. When the school nurse calls to tell me my kid is sick, I will know immediately that she is calling instead of missing the call. I can also take that call on my watch if my iphone is not handy.
  5. Whereas, I am not into fitness as much as I should be, I would really like to take advantage of the fitness app. I love the idea of keeping up with my heart rate. I had some heart rate issues a while back and this would be great to keep up with it and show my process to my doctor. I like knowing I can see how active I am, and will get reminders to move around. I would love to believe I would get in better shape with this watch, but until I receive one, I do not know. I am really curious about this.
  6. Once my little one starts kindergarten, I will be back in the work force, at least part-time. I feel more comfortable knowing that the watch will notify me of calls and messages. Not all jobs will allow you to carry your phone around and since I only have to have my phone within a certain distance (Bluetooth, from searching online, suggests about 30 feet or more, and the watch will use Wi-Fi if the company I works for has it), my watch will help me stay in touch. Also, when my phone vibrates, it is loud. I need it loud because I do not always feel it, and I found the loudest setting has a better vibration. The apple watch will vibrate (Taptic) on my wrist quietly where only I know something is going on. Then I can discreetly look at it and decide if I need to response. I feel I will be less anxious starting back in the work force with the Apple watch, and will not bug my coworkers with my loud vibrating iphone.
  7. I love listening to music on my iphone. It is nice to know I can with the watch.
  8. I use Siri so much to ask her questions. I LOVE that Siri is so useful on the watch. From directions, dictating, calculating, setting alarms, calling, etc.
  9. I use many alarms! From getting the kids up to making sure I make it on time to any appointments that are scheduled. I hate to be late. It is nice to have those reminders and alarms right on my wrist, and having the ability to change them. It will be great to have my timer on my wrist too when I am cooking.
  10.  Weather. Who doesn’t check the weather? I love the watch faces with the weather right on the face. I am excited about that. We receive a lot of rain so it would be nice to have an idea about what hour the rain is coming today!
  11.  I am horrible at remembering to take my medications. Walgreens and other health related apps will have a medication reminder with information about your medication. Sure, I can still set a reminder in my calendar or alarms, but I am interested in trying this out.
  12.  I keep my iphone locked. After all, I have little ones. I love knowing that I will not have to find my iphone and then unlock it. I can just look at watch for information I need. It also makes me wonder if my iphone will last longer using it less? I know that the Apple Watch will use the iphone to run certain apps, but it just seems if I am using the iphone less, than the battery and iphone will last a longer time. I am curious about this.

So there you have it why I would LOVE to own an Apple Watch. I know others will enjoy storing flight info, controlling your Apple TV and things like that, but we hardly travel, and I do not have an Apple TV. You just have to see if there is a reason for you to have this watch. Sadly, my funds are low so I do not see an Apple Watch in my near future. I am hoping the prices drop before Christmas. Hey, I can hope, right? I love technology. Just love it. I normally do not buy first generation items, but I would love to own this one.

I do wish the watch was more affordable especially being a first-generation device. No way, I can afford a second watch band without buying a third-party band later. I really do not mind charging it each night because I charge my iphone anyhow. I HATE that the nearest Apple store is nearly 2 hours away. I wish the watch was being sold at other stores such as Best Buy. I am hoping in the future that will be what will happen. It would be nice to try one on in person and to see the watch. I will have to depend on someone I know buying one. I need the 38mm as I have a very small wrist.

Are you going to buy one, wait for the second-generation or pass all together?