Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy New Year, very late, haha. 

So Monkey, has finished speech therapy and physical therapy. We can have a doctor write another prescription, and she can go again if we ever feel she needs any more help. The medication has been amazing! We were so against medication at first without the doctor showing us some medical reason for it, but he told us to trust him and try it. We are so glad we did. She can handle social situations so much better. We went to a Halloween event with over 3,000 people, she handled it great!! She would have never been able to in the past, and we would have never tried it. She also was fine during birthday parties, Christmas holidays, and football parties. The best part is her appetite. She is hungry now. She rarely was before the medication. Since the speech therapy helped us with her aversions to food (texture, looks), now she is hungry and is eating foods and also difference foods she normally would not have tried.  (She loves barbecue chicken!) She has even grew a couple of inches in a few months! She was in the same clothes for nearly two years until this medication helped stimulate her appetite. We also noticed she is not licking things anymore. Grocery shopping is easier without being worried what she is going to catch germs by licking! It has seemed to help her OCD behavior. She does not have to touch things so much. Again, we are really happy with her medication.  She has an appointment this month to talk about her results with the medication.

Our eldest is still doing great. She is now testing on tenth grade reading level in school, but she is in fourth grade. Wow, she loves to read. She is very crafty, and is learning to sew by hand this year. I just wish she would clean her room! She would rather sleep on a bunch of stuff than clean it, or just climb over stuff to get to her bed! Unreal. 

I am going to make more time for my blog this year. I am going to actually schedule time to write for it. I think that is how I need to do it. I schedule everything else in my life! Since things are going better for Monkey, I can focus on some other things like recipes, and whatever pops in my head.