Wednesday, November 4, 2015


So we spoke with the neurologist last week. He stated her EEG and MRI were normal. He ended up given her the diagnosis of developmental delay. Her IQ is good. She is just going to have to have help when learning new things. Whereas she has autism traits, she does not have enough to meet a diagnosis. She also has OCD tendencies and has sensory issues. She will continue with speech until most likely December (her speech teacher said she is close to dismissing her). We will continue working with her with problem eating. She will also continue with Physical therapy for sensory issues. I am not sure how long she will continue that, but she just started a few weeks ago. We just paid all of our deductible with the EEG and MRI so we will only owe 10% on each visit so that will help money wise. We pay out of pocket for speech. She was put on risperidone to help with her moods and meltdowns. We already see an improvement. She is also less wiggly when trying to learn something with this medication. Now, we go back to trying to get the school to do something for her since she was denied. We are happy with the diagnosis.