Friday, July 24, 2015

School meeting

We met with the school. They agreed she qualifies for testing. She will begin with that in August when the nurses return to start testing her vision and hearing. Then other tests will follow.

She had her second speech therapy appointment. The speech therapist performed another test on her and then started working with her problem eating. My little monkey got highly upset and cried, ran around the room, tried to leave, would not look at the food, rocked, sucked her fingers, and screamed. Just looking at food, she hates, freaks her out. She was told to state she would not care for that instead of I hate that. Last night, we put broccoli on the table just for her to see. She looked at it a few times, but did not freak out. At one point, I asked her if she wanted to try a bite, she avoided my eyes, and stated, “I do not care for that.” Much nicer dinner! As much as I hated to see her upset, I already see progress.