Thursday, October 15, 2015


Monkey has been to two PT sessions because she is sensory driven. Physical therapist is sure she has sensory processing disorder. She also was put in a compression vest with weights and wore it to speech. She never moved. I have never seen her this still in her lifetime. It was quite incredible. I am looking forward to seeing if she has the same response next week. If so, I think, I am going to take the chance and buy one for her. They are quite expensive. PT thinks it would help her sit and learn her letters since she still struggles with this. 

Next week, she has her EEG, and MRI tests. 

Halloween is coming. Both girls are excited, then we have the local Fair, and all our birthdays. Of course, Thanksgiving, Christmas parties and then Christmas. Love this time of the year. Whereas it is fun, it is more time for Monkey to get upset because of all the sights and noises. I am hoping since we are all trying to figure this out, that this year will be easier for her.