Friday, May 30, 2014

New direction for this blog

I am currently reworking this blog and determined that I am going to blog a few times a month with the hope of even more. I would love some input on what people are looking to read on blogs as it has been years since I have blogged since I got into Facebook. I am a stay at home mommy  (for the last year due to childcare issues, and my youngest needing some extra help). I am a mommy by the blessing of open adoption so yes, adoption will be seen quite heavy on my blog. I also love to cook, and save money. 

Today, or should I state that it started yesterday, I am dealing with my first and hopefully last kidney stone. I am on pain killers (yikes, I hope I do not type anything embarrassing) and antibiotics and just waiting (yahoo, okay, not really excited about the waiting part).

If you are looking to adopt in the United States by an agency or attorney, please check out my adoption book: December Babies: U.S. Domestic Adoption. I wrote this book because when we were going through the process, I could not find a book that had everything in one book. I also wanted a book that was not extremely long, but had the information that was needed without all the fluff. I do not share private details of my girls' adoptions as that is their information. I keep the price cheap as it is not about making a lot of money, but about giving out the information that my husband and I learned. Earlier this week, my adoption book was the top 50th top paid book.

I also recently published, Summer Fun on a Budget for Kids, only .99 cents. I am still waiting for published Amazon reviews. It is full of many indoor and outdoor activities that are usually free or inexpensive to keep them busy. I also have a lot of tips for places in the community that caters to kids during the summer in the United States. This book would also work with the indoor and outdoor activities in most places in the world, but the links are for the United States. This book made it in the top 22 in paid ebooks recently.

I have a couple more books in the works. The cookbook will be a long ways off as I like to recook each recipe at least twice before I decide that it is going to stay. You can check out my (old) cooking blog here. Some of the recipes will make it in the book, and have been pinned many times on Pinterest.

Okay, going to see about eating something even though I am not hungry. I have two girls to take care of :-)