Monday, September 14, 2015

Sorry for the late update. We have been enjoying our summer. My eldest is back in school. We are so happy she still loves school and loves to learn. 

Monkey had all her testing from school. We received the results last week. She did not qualify at this time for special services. Once her neurologist gives her diagnosis, they will reevaluate her. We liked everyone at the school. We see how the process works, and have numbers to contact once she is done being evaluated with her neurologist. We know IQ wise, her IQ is good. Her issues are still behavioral. She scored low in adaptive and personal-social areas, but they said even though she was low average, it was not low enough without a diagnosis to receive services with the school system. We have known a few people that went through the same thing. Once the doctor stated a diagnosis, the school changed their decision.

Speech therapy has been such a blessing. Her speech is much clearer, and her problem eating is easily handled. She is trying new foods, still with resistance, but without all the drama, at least most of the time. She now LOVES barbecue chicken. (Happy dance)

She should start physical therapy soon for controlling her meltdowns. The physical therapist will show her how to help herself when her sensory issues are too much. 

She is scheduled for her first brain scan (EEG) at the end of October. 

Monkey is VERY excited, as is her sister, for all the new fun stuff coming up since it is finally hitting Fall. 

Recently I posted about My Buddy Tag. I am impressed. I put it on Monkey and we went to Chucke Cheese, and then to a Halloween store. The tag worked great especially in the Halloween store where she kept running away while I was helping her sister look for a costume. As soon as she started to go to the back of the store, my phone would go off and show me she was out of range. I could then bring her back. I watched her a few times do this and again, the Buddy Tag immediately showed me she was out of range. My only complaint was it was hard to put on. I bought the silicone one. I should have bought the Velcro one. 

Well, I think that is all on the updates.