Sunday, June 1, 2014

Help Save Baylor!

      I recently saw a post on Facebook about a little boy with cancer. He needs a bone marrow transplant quickly. He needs a nearly perfect match, but this little boy is Japanese/German (Caucasian). He needs someone who is Japanese/Caucasian to be his donor. Could it be you? Do you know someone? My nephew is. He was tested this week after hearing about this little boy on another site.

Click here or click here for another site:

     Apparently, there are not a lot of donors who are Japanese/Caucasian. What if it was your family member or friend? All I ask if you know someone that you could pass this to, can you?

     Here is this sweet boy: 

You can also click on the picture to take you to the link to find out about donating your marrow.

As of 6.21.2014, Baylor still does NOT have a match. Please continue to share on social media and email. You can follow his family's quest on Facebook.  

7.21.14, Baylor is going to have a cord blood transfer (not a complete match at 5/6). A marrow transplant is still better for him. There are also other mixed race people waiting for transplants. Please continue to spread the word about Baylor. 

'It's a long road,' Baylor's mom Nihei Fredrickson said. 'A road a second-grader should not have to go through'