Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Update after seeing Speech Therapist

We enjoyed speech therapy. She was nervous at first, but she finally warmed about half way in. She enjoyed the testing. She is missing some sounds. She is a problem eater, not a picky eater. Since insurance will not pay, and her speech is not too far behind, we are going to go once a week and work on a few problems. She will give me some ideas for home so the whole family can work with her. She is also going to help when she sees negative behaviors by reinforcing positive ones. I feel really good about this.

I am also going to make her a picture schedule to help her not have so much anxiety about what we are always doing each day. Speech therapist was the second person to recommend this.  

A little funny: Monkey was being asked her body parts by the speech therapist: "Where is your forehead?" Monkey pointed to her neck, then looked at the speech therapist and exclaimed: "I only have one head!"