Saturday, January 18, 2014

American Girl

Love how patience my oldest can be. She has been wanting another American Girl doll (we, plus my parents, went in together in 2011 and got her the Girl of the Year doll, Kanani). In 2012, she got a Madame Alexander doll, which she also loves, but she loves American Girl dolls better. We told her if she wanted another since they are so expensive and with everything she wanted for Christmas that she needed to think about saving the money up herself and making sure she really wanted it. Well, she did want another because she saved all her tooth fairy money, cleaning her room money, birthday money and Christmas money. The doll came in the mall last week, and she has had a ball playing with her. She is already saving for her next! I love this. So I reorganized her room to plan for the future dolls that are sure to come. One thing, that we are doing for her that is also very inexpensive and easy, is putting up painted shelves with dowels under them. The shelf part will be beds, and the dowel will hang little hangers for her clothes. As the dolls come, the shelf can have sitting dolls instead of sleeping dolls.