Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Well, let's try this again, and again! I saved this post, backspaced, lost everything, went back in and my whole post that was almost done was GONE, grrrrr.

Anyhooooo, hello again. Again, yes, I used to blog years ago, but once Facebook got very popular, I realized I posted more on it than my blog. I also realized that more friends and family read my blog and I have decided to go a little different route this time. I do not mind them reading this blog, but I'm not going to associate it with my Facebook this time around and have my posts, post on Facebook. I also focused more on my books, and adoption than anything else but this will not be the total focus.

May 30, 2014

So, I'll just post whatever is on my mind, recipes, rants, happy thoughts, reviews, whatever and just see if this blog is worth anyone's time? I reedited this blog as for a while I did not see a need for it, but as all blogs, it is whatever we want, correct? People read this blog, or they don't so I will just write and post and see what happens.