Thursday, June 5, 2014

What do you do when your preschooler hates Band-Aids?

     Monkey, my 3-year-old, cannot stand Band-Aids. Yes, even the super cute ones. Little bug would wear them on her with pride. In fact, Little bug would wear them when she did not need them as most kids do. Monkey hates anything on her skin. There is no way first aid tape is touching her skin. She suffers from Eczema and refuses lotion or prescription creams. When she falls down and needs a Band-Aid it is heartbreaking. She recently started picking at a bug bite so we put a Band-Aid over it. She let me since it has been so long. It didn’t stay on long. Then she really started messing with the bug bite. I finally put medicine on it, gauze and then wrapped it with cute Angry Bird first aid elastic wrap. It looked like everything would be okay. Well the gauze that was not supposed to stick DID. Poor kid, it pulled some of the bug bit wound off. Next we tried liquid Band-Aid. She left it alone, but it doesn’t look much better. Today, I am going to put on medicated baby powder and take her to the doctor tomorrow or the next there is not any improvement since she will not let me tend to it properly. Little bug got bug bites under her arm a while back that would not heal because she was scratching and the medicated powder worked wonders. Since Monkey will not let us touch her skin much, I figure it would not be a good solution but I now think without a doctor visit it is the only one.

     Anyone have any suggestions? Maybe a product that I am unaware of that might help my sweet girl? 

     The summer has been a nightmare with the bugs. We are using bug spray when we stay out. It is the times when we head somewhere quickly that we seem to get bit. I think bug spray is going to have to be used all year round now. 

Update: I found burn gauze in our local drugstore today, and paid much more for it. Hopefully, it will work better than the off store brand that I reluctantly had on hand. I medicated her wrist with the medicated powder, put the new gauze on it, and the used the angry bird wrap. She seems satisfied. Someone on Facebook suggested clip on bug spray, which I would like to use due to her eczema. Our store was out so I will try another store soon. My biggest worry is impetigo, which is why I am asking all the questions. She does not have fever, and it has not spread. She is happily eating Lima beans and sausage right now. Doctor visits are a nightmare whether for a well visit or a sick visit, which became worse after she was extremely sick last year with a 105 fever. After being repeatedly stuck with needles, and receiving a catheter to check her kidneys, as you can imagine, doctors visits are not fun for her. We usually leave with vomit on her, the doctor, nurses and me. A friend, with a child with sensory issues, recommended a book, The Out-of-Sync Child. I ordered it and look forward to reading it. Has anyone read it?