Monday, June 16, 2014

Update on Monkey's skin and the Band aid issue

     A while back, I blogged about an issue we were having with Monkey’s skin. You can read about it here. Two days after I posted, I took her to urgent care because her wrist looked strange. Her wound went to being dry to being wet. She had what I was trying to prevent, Impetigo (skin infection that must be controlled or your child will become very ill). She did not have ANY fever, and acted fine. Urgent care was excellent with her. They recognized that she was terrified and did not want anyone near her and took us back immediately. The doctor prescribed antibiotic cream and antibiotic medication. We had a follow-up with her pediatrician after a few days. Her pediatrician had us add bleach to her bath for a few days. She is healing nicely. Both doctors stated with her eczema problems that any bug bite or anything suspicious needs to be covered up and then followed-up since she likes to scratch.

     During all of this, we found band aids that do not break her skin out, and do not pull her skin off when removed. The band aids are sold under two different names. Johnson and Johnson Comfort Sheer is what I am buying, but it was previously sold by searching the code on the bottom of the box as Johnson and Johnson Sheer Strips. From what I am seeing in the stores, Comfort Sheer is the NEW name for them, but they are indeed the same thing. I had great difficulty finding them at first. If you know anyone that has skin problem such as diabetic, eczema or adhesive problems, these are wonderful! You should be able to find them at most department stores in different sizes.